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Since this journal is primarily for fanfic, here's a nice, easy, alphabetical list of all the fics I've written.  (Note that anything written before August of '09 was originally posted on ff.net, where I used to go by the name Sztorm.  I have since cross-posted those fics, under their original publish dates.)

Fandoms included below are:

-Catherine and the Pirate (1)
-Darker Than Black  (1)
-Escaflowne  (13)
-Final Fantasy VII  (14)
-Final Fantasy X  (1)
-Frozen  (1)
-Hetalia  (33)
-Star Trek: The Next Generation  (6)
-A Tale of Two Cities  (1)

-FFVII / The Sandman  (1)
-Hetalia / FFVII  (1)

Various ficbits (random scenes, drabbles, etc.) can be found here.  The few other fan-related things I've made (FSTs, fanart, etc.) can be found at the very bottom of this post.

Fic Master List )

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Title: Once More, With (a Different) Feeling
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Romance, drama.
Characters/pairings: Austria/Hungary, AusHun.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,433
Summary: One-hundred and fifty years after the fact, they finally get it right. (In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise.)
Period: Modern. (June 8th, 2017.)

''I want a redo,'' she said. ''Wedding dance 2.0: this time with less baggage.'' )
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Title: Ah-choo, I Love You
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Humor, romance.
Characters/pairings: Austria/Hungary, AusHun.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 512
Summary: Austria is determined to take Hungary on a romantic picnic, seasonal allergies be damned. (Based on the fifth and last tumblr prompt!)
Period: Modern.

Austria frowned again. ''I'm not miserable,'' he insisted, though his raw, red nose and watery eyes clearly said otherwise. )
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Title: Tied In (Austrian) Knots
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: General? Humor? Romance?
Characters/pairings: Austria/Hungary, AusHun.
Rating: PG
Word count: 543
Summary: There she was, dressed up in her hussar uniform, standing in the middle of his office, while he circled her like some contemplative vulture. (Based on yet another tumblr prompt.)
Period: Sometime in the 1700s?

''Hmm… Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm.'' )
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Title: Too Hot To Handel
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: AU, humor, romance.
Characters/pairings: Austria/Hungary (AusHun), plus some Germany on the side.
Rating: PG
Word count: 1,001
Summary: High-school junior Roderich Edelstein contemplates majoring in self-sabotage. (Based on yet another tumblr prompt.)
Period: Modern.

The problem, Roderich decided, was not so much that she didn’t know he existed, but that he kept acting as if *she* didn’t exist. )
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Title: Beauty and the Beach
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Romance, humor.
Characters/pairings: Austria/Hungary (AusHun).
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 767
Summary: Austria and Hungary have passive-aggressive adventures at the beach. (Based on yet another tumblr prompt.)
Period: Modern.

Leave it to Austria to find something fifty years out of fashion unbearably sexy. )
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Title: It's a Bittersweet Timpani
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Humor, romance.
Characters/pairings: Austria/Hungary (AusHun).
Rating: PG
Word count: 384
Summary: Hungary plays the timpani for Austria, and shenanigans ensue. (Based on a tumblr prompt.)
Period: Modern.

''Did you honestly just play 'Rock Me Amadeus' on the timpani?'' )
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Fandom:  Hetalia (with an Escaflowne cameo)
Characters:  Austria, Russia, America, with a cameo by Eries Aston from Escaflowne.  (Implied AustriaxBelarus in one instance.)
Rating:  PG?

Originally posted to my tumblr.  I figured it was about time I got around to cross-posting them.

More goofy stick figures. )
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Title: Bridal Style
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: General, romance, humor?
Characters/pairings: A mild HungaryxBelarus.
Rating: PG
Word count: 687
Summary: Belarus sprains her ankle, and Hungary helps her walk home.
Period: Modern.

Again, based off a tumblr prompt, this time asking for some HunBela (BelaHun?), "maybe something with them going on a walk or something?"

''Honestly,'' Hungary chided, ''it's a good thing I found you when I did. Who knows how long it would have taken you to get back home like this.'' )
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Title: Hot Fuzz
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Humor, general, romance?
Characters/pairings: Something of a slight AustriaxBelarus.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,033
Summary: Austria finds himself straddled and pinned to the ground by Belarus. So she can get a piece of lint from his hair.
Period: Modern.

Inspired by a tumblr prompt I received: "what about some AusBela where the tables are turned, where Bela is the one with the power over Austria?"

Austria never would have pegged Belarus as a neat freak. )
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Characters/pairings: AustriaxHungary
Genre: Romance, AU.
Rating: PG
Word count: 122
Summary: Drabble-ish thing from a tumblr prompt. (It was supposed to be three sentences long, but it ended up being five, oops.) Prompt was for AustriaxHungary, International Space Station AU.

Making out--for SCIENCE! )
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Because I have more of these that I forgot about, so why not finally do an official post dedicated to them?  Or something?

Again, totally work safe, and totally for the lulz.

Sparkles sparkles everywhere! And Hungary makes a cameo! )
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Title: The King and I
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Drama? Humor? General?
Characters/pairings: AmericaxHungary.
Rating: PG
Word count: 790
Summary: In 2011, Elvis Presley was posthumously made an honorary citizen of Budapest. And it wasn't because of his music.
Period: 2011.

''Oh, I remember this! 1957!'' )
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Because there is a sad lack of fanart for this pairing, and so, yanno, be the change you want to see and all that.

Totally work safe, and strictly for the lulz.

I use the term ''fanart'' very loosely here. )

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So lately an older(ish?) Hetalia fic of mine, But That Was In Another Country, has been getting a bit of attention.  Two people asked if they could translate it (both into Chinese; the first can be found here, and the second here, respectively), and it's shown up on at least a couple rec posts on tumblr.  Which is awesome!  It is super-flattering and basically makes me all squishy and blushy.

But it kind of throws me when it gets recced as a PrussiaxHungary fic.  Just a little.  And maybe it shouldn't, because it does have some PruHun action in there, but...like...it's really quick, and only at the very end, and it's really more of a plain ol' Prussia-centric fic than a true pairing fic?  To me, at least?

But then again, what the hell do I know?  I'm just the writer.  And that PruHun bit sort of jumped out of nowhere in the first place, so who knows?  Maybe it is more of a pairing fic than I give it credit for.  XP

Moar fic rambles. )
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Oh hai there, Hetalia fandom! I've missed you! Have a fic! It turned out a hell of a lot longer than I expected it to!

Title: Masquerade
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Drama, romance.
Characters/pairings: AustriaxHungary—except, well, you'll see.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 5,110
Summary: Chibitalia tries to play matchmaker, Austria disapproves, and Hungary has a very memorable time at the Carnival of Venice.
Period: Early- to mid-1700s? Sure, let's go with that.

Just a quick note/reminder/whatever, that since it is Chibitalia here, Austria and Hungary still think he’s a girl. So the pronouns and whatnot reflect that.

''…and it'll have a big skirt, and lace around the neckline, just like this, and it'll be green of course, because I know that's your favorite color, and—oh! Mr. Austria!'' )
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Title:  The Edelweiss Arc: A Soundtrack
Fandom:  Hetalia
Characters:  Austria.  (Some implied AustriaxHungary.)
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  Soundtrack to the titular fic arc.
Notes:  Total run time: 1:03:04.  All tracks in .mp3 format.

EDIT:  No longer available for download.  However, if particularly interested, let me know, and I'll fix that for you.

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(Relevant icon is relevant.)

  FrancexHungary (past AustriaxHungary).
Rating:  PG
Word count:  407
Summary:  Just a little ficbit based on the fanart below.  (Note: It doesn't exactly follow the same timeline/universe as the Edelweiss Arc, but I did draw pretty heavily from those characterizations, particularly in regards to how their marriage went down.)
Period:  Post-WWI, probably early- to mid-1920s.

Axis Powers: Hetalia

(Click the thumbnail for the full image, and click here for the original source.)

He smiled slyly, seductively, his blue eyes dark and warm, and by all means, she should have slapped his hand away and declined. )
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Title: To Ride On
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Angst, drama, porn?
Characters/pairings: AustriaxBelarus. (Implied Belarus->Russia and past AustriaxHungary.)
Rating: Hard R
Word count: 5,100 (excluding notes)
Summary: In which sex turns into something more than sex, but distinctly less than love. (Sequel to White Horses.)
Period: Modern.
Warnings: Still kind of porny, still has those BDSM themes. DX

In contrast to ''White Horses,'' this fic has a dinner date, dining table bondage, attempted music lessons, piano sex, and Ukraine playing hair-stylist! )


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