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Since this journal is primarily for fanfic, here's a nice, easy, alphabetical list of all the fics I've written.  (Note that anything written before August of '09 was originally posted on ff.net, where I used to go by the name Sztorm.  I have since cross-posted those fics, under their original publish dates.)

Fandoms included below are:

-Catherine and the Pirate (1)
-Darker Than Black  (1)
-Escaflowne  (13)
-Final Fantasy VII  (14)
-Final Fantasy X  (1)
-Frozen  (1)
-Hetalia  (33)
-Star Trek: The Next Generation  (6)
-A Tale of Two Cities  (1)

-FFVII / The Sandman  (1)
-Hetalia / FFVII  (1)

Various ficbits (random scenes, drabbles, etc.) can be found here.  The few other fan-related things I've made (FSTs, fanart, etc.) can be found at the very bottom of this post.

Catherine and the Pirate

Catherine and the Pirate (The Reformed Criminal Remix)
--All characters.
--PG-13.  Historical romance.
--A rewrite of the original book.  More details and actual plot summary in the link.

Darker Than Black

--Hei, Havoc.  (A dark sort of Hei/Havoc.)
--PG-15.  Drama, angst, slightly experimental.
--Odd, that simply interacting with Contractors was more exhausting than killing them.


* Starred fics fall into a greater arc of sorts.  You can has more info about it here.

As Long As We're Going Down*
--Eries, Folken.  (Folken/Eries.)
--R.  Angst, porn-I-mean-romance.
--It wasn't love, but it was living.

But the Rain
--Zongi, Folken.  (By no means a Folken/Zongi, but could be read as something of a Zongi->Folken.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--In which Folken takes a bath, Zongi fanboys, and the whole thing is quite a bit more somber and depressing than this summary probably makes it out to be.

--Celena, Gaddes.  (A mild Gaddes/Celena.)
--PG.  Drama, general, friendship?
--"Allen would kill me if he knew I was doin' this with you, I hope you appreciate that."

I've Seen You In a Fight (You Lost)*
--Folken, Eries.  (A dark sort of Folken/Eries.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--It would be so easy, just a little tug and she would come tumbling into his arms...  (AU take on Your Words All Over Me, supposing that Folken really does drag Eries closer.)

If I Walk Down This Hallway*
--Eries, Folken.  (Could be read as a slight Folken/Eries.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--He'd changed since she'd last seen him, that much she could say for certain.  Folken comes to request asylum, and Eries tries to figure out just how she feels about him.

Our Roads To Run About*
--Eries, Dryden, mentions of Folken.
--PG.  Drama, general.
--After Folken comes to request asylum, Eries and Dryden have a brief discussion about the matter, and the man himself.  (Takes place within If I Walk Down This Hallway.)

Scientific Methods
--Eries, Folken.  (Folken/Eries.)
--PG-13.  Meta, crack, humor, romance.
--Merle writes Folken/Eries RPF.  Which Folken and Eries then find.  Akwardness and previously non-existent sexual tension ensue.  What is this I don't even.

Take It From His Whisper*
--Eries, Folken.  (Could be read as a slight Folken/Eries.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--She knew what it was like to fret over a younger sibling, after all.  Folken comes to Eries to make a last request of sorts.

The Blaze Across My Nightgown*
--Eries, Folken.  (Folken/Eries.)
--PG-13.  Angst, romance.
--Her pulse was pounding in her veins like rain, like thunder, like something dark and primitive and reckless.

The Falling Leaves
--Folken, Eries.  (Slight Folken/Eries.)
--PG.  AU, drama, romance.
--"You forget, Lord Folken; I'm used to the capitol. One has to travel all the way to the outskirts of Palas before you see any true foliage, and even then, I daresay Asturia's country-sides don't hold a candle to Fanelia's forests. Not at this time of year, at least."  (Eries visits Fanelia post-war.)

The Robin, and I, and the Sweet Cherry-Tree
--Gaddes, Eries.  (Slight Gaddes/Eries, past Folken/Eries.)
--PG.  Drama, friendship, romance?
--The story of how Gaddes totally hung out and drank ale with the Ice Princess of Asturia.

Till I Wake Your Ghost*
--Eries, Folken.  (Could be read as a slight Folken/Eries.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--In the aftermath of Castelo, Eries confronts Folken in an attempt to get some answers.

Your Words All Over Me*
--Folken, Eries.  (Something of a mild Folken/Eries.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--While biding his time in Palas following the destruction of Fort Castelo, Folken is confronted by Princess Eries.  (Companion piece to Till I Wake Your Ghost, in that it's the same events, just from Folken's POV.)

Final Fantasy VII

--Tifa, Vincent, cast.  (Slight Vincent/Tifa.)
--PG.  General, romance, fluff.
--A frilly pink dress and reasons not to marry.  Tifa could never handle being a princess, so it was probably just as well Prince Charming had never been depicted as a sharpshooter.

Ethics, Duty, and Other Unspeakable Things
--Vincent, Tseng, Elena.
--PG-13.  General, drama.
--Advent Children fic.  An interlude of rescue.

--Tifa, Reno.  (Reno/Tifa.  Implied Cloud/Tifa and maybe even Rude/Tifa.)
--PG-13.  Angst, drama.
--A vice: something you need, even if you know it's bad for you.

--Vincent, Lucrecia, Hojo.  (Vincent/Lucrecia/Hojo.)
--PG-13.  Darkfic, drama, experimental.
--The line between human and monster is a fine one.
Translations:  Italian, by youffie_17.

Insurance Won't Cover Apocalypses (But Listerine Kills Germs That Cause Bad Breath)
--Tifa, Vincent, a smidge of Cid.
--PG-13.  Humor, parody.
--Vincent finally reveals why the bottom half of his face was always covered, and it isn't nearly as romantic as some might have thought.  Also, Tifa briefly contemplates the unnecessary complexity of everyday domestic items.
*Nominated (under Best Parody) for the 2007 Genesis Awards.

Let's Dance
--Aeris, Tseng.  (Tseng/Aeris.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst, romance.
--Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.
Translations:  Italian, by youffie_17.

--Yuffie, Vincent.
--PG-13.  Angst, drama, experimental.
--Thoughts.  Names.  The reasons behind them.

Nine O'clock On the 62nd Floor
--Hojo, Lucrecia!OC.
--PG-13.  Supernatural, angst.
--It was pure coincidence that he happened to come across her that day.  It had to be.  Because he wasn't the one with demons haunting him, was he?  ...Wasn't he?  (Pre-game fic.)

--Reno, Tifa.  (Possibly a very slight Reno/Tifa.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--Age isn't measured in years, anyway.

Professional Hazards
--Vincent, Lucrecia.
--PG-13.  Drama, general.
--The first time she met him, his suit was half-covered in blood.  [Written out of my ire for Dirge of Cerberus.]

--Tifa, Reno.
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--It's always a Thursday he comes in.

The Prerogatives of a Corporate Assassin
--Reno, Vincent.
--PG-15.  Drama, angst.
--The actual job--the killings, the deaths, the paychecks--is in fact very secondary.
*Nominated (under Best Angst) for the 2010 Genesis Awards.

--Vincent-centric, Lucrecia, Hojo.  (Vincent/Lucrecia/Hojo.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst, experimental.
--He never thought himself a romantic, and certainly not a hopeless one.  And maybe his dreams began long before the nightmares...
*Nominated (under Best Drama) for the 2007 Genesis Awards.

We'll Rest Easy, Justified
--Tifa, Reno.  (Slight Reno/Tifa.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--It isn't until closing time comes around that she realizes she has been waiting.  (Follow-up to "Stability.")

Final Fantasy X

--Auron, Lulu, cast.  (Auron/Lulu.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst, romance.
--Some things were more important than kisses.


Silver and Exact
--Elsa, Hans, a bit of Anna.  (Hans/Elsa.)
--PG-13.  Drama, romance.
--They are two sides of the same coin, reflections in a cracked mirror.


* - Starred fics fall into the Edelweiss Arc.  You can has more info about it here.

A Perpendicular Expression
--Austria, Spain, Hungary.  (Austria/Hungary, with Spain/Austria/Hungary undertones.)
--PG-13.  Romance, humor.
--Spain, the Country of Passion, is here to help you get over your romantic inhibitions!  (Or, Austria proves that with the proper incentive, he can be thoroughly improper.)
--Sometime before 1700.

Ah-choo, I Love You
--Hungary, Austria.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--PG-13.  Humor, romance.
--Austria frowned.  "I'm not miserable," he insisted, though his raw, red nose and watery eyes clearly said otherwise.  (Austria is determined to take Hungary on a romantic picnic, seasonal allergies be damned.)

And Then Start Down*
--Austria, Spain.
--PG.  Drama, general, friendship.
--Cold War-era Austria needs a vacation from himself.  Spain is oblivious.  Except when he isn't.
--September/autumn-ish, 1961.
Translations:  German, by Kate Marley.

Beauty and the Beach
--Hungary, Austria.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--PG-13.  Romance, humor.
--Leave it to Austria to find something fifty years out of fashion unbearably sexy.  (Or, Austria and Hungary have passive-aggressive adventures at the beach.)

Bridal Style
--Belarus, Hungary.  (A mild Hungary/Belarus.)
--PG.  General, romance, humor?
--Belarus sprains her ankle, and Hungary helps her walk home.

But That Was In Another Country
--Prussia-centric, a smattering of other countries.
--PG-13.  Drama, angst, historical.
--It's 1948, and he's lost.
Translations:  Spanish, by Ireth IsilraChinese (1), by zywsl0929Chinese (2) (now defunct?), by senchereed.

Chance of Rain
--Austria, Hungary.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--PG.  Drama, angst, historical.
--It was a complicated thing, their history.  (Or, Pan-European Picnic, take one.)

Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos*
--Austria, Poland.
--R.  Angst, drama, black humor.
--At Auschwitz, Poland needs Austria's help.  To make a dress.  (The laughter is, like, totally to keep from crying, bro.)

Consider Phlebas*
--Austria, Germany, a bit of a human OC.
--PG-13.  Drama, general, angst.
--Wheelchair!Austria is feeling down.  Germany gives him a pro-Hitler sales-pitch to cheer him up.  It goes...well...

Diamonds and Rust*
--Hungary, Poland.  (Implied Austria/Hungary.)
--PG-13.  Drama, friendship, humor.
--Someone makes good on a personal promise.  Poland has no idea who, but since it landed him with a Chanel dress, he isn't about to complain.  In fact, he needs to celebrate.  And who better to celebrate with than your BFF?
--Early 1957.
Fanart:  sketch, by chaneljay.

--Hungary, Austria, mentions of Italy, HRE, Spain.  (Slight Austria/Hungary.)
--PG.  Drama, general, romance.
--Austria does dishes, Hungary thinks he acts like an old man (but a sexy old man!), and the Thirty Years' War looms on the horizon.  Based on the extra Chibitalia strip, "Something Written As the Immediate Effect."

--Liechtenstein, Austria.  (Slight Austria/Liechtenstein, if you care to see it.)
--PG.  General, humor, romance?
--Liechtenstein experiences A-cup angst.  Austria is forced to give her the most awkward pep talk ever.

Hot Fuzz
--Austria, Belarus.  (Something of a slight Austria/Belarus.)
--PG-13.  Humor, general, romance?
--Austria finds himself straddled and pinned to the ground by Belarus.  So she can get a piece of lint from his hair.

It's a Bittersweet Timpani
--Austria, Hungary.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--PG.  Humor, romance.
--"Did you honestly just play 'Rock Me Amadeus' on the timpani?"  (Hungary plays the timpani for Austria, and shenanigans ensue.)

Just a River In Egypt
--Prussia, Austria, with bits of Germany and Hungary.
--PG-13.  Drama, humor.
--The Berlin Wall falls, and Prussia and Austria deny that anything has changed.
--November, 1989.
Translations:  German, by BrownFeather.

Like Morning*
--Liechtenstein, Austria.
--PG.  Drama, general, angst.
--Until 1919, it was Austria she turned to.

--Austria, Hungary, Chibitalia.  (Austria/Hungary--with a twist.)
--PG-13.  Drama, romance.
--Chibitalia tries to play matchmaker, Austria disapproves, and Hungary has a very memorable time at the Carnival of Venice.
--early- to mid-1700s.

Miles To Go*
--Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.
--PG.  Drama, general.
--Austria has changed greatly from the war-mongering empire he once was.  Switzerland on the other hand...hasn't changed a hair.
--Late 1955.
Translations:  Chinese, by Wuthering Willow.

Mood Indigo*
--Austria, Prussia, Germany.
--PG-13.  Drama, angst, general.
--Anschluss, anti-Semitism, and impending war.  Sometimes classical music just doesn't cut it.

Once More, With (a Different) Feeling
--Hungary, Austria.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--PG-13.  Romance, drama.
--"I want a redo," she said.  "Wedding dance 2.0: this time with less baggage."  (One-hundred and fifty years after the fact, they finally get it right.  In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise.)
--June 8th, 2017.

Pas de Deux
--Austria, Belarus, Russia.  (Austria/Belarus, Belarus->Russia.)
--PG-13.  Drama, romance, general.
--In which Russia uses Austria, Austria uses Russia, Belarus goes to the ballet, and a crack pairing happens.

Something Blue*
--Austria, Germany, mentions of Prussia.  (Implied Austria/Hungary.)
--PG.  Drama, general, angst.
--The Iron Curtain is drawn heavily.  Germany is lonely.  Austria is lonelier.  Not that he'll ever say as much.
--August, 1961.

Stay On My Side Tonight*
--Austria, Hungary.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--R.  Angst, romance.
--Of all the places to run into your ex-wife, the Battle of Berlin has to be one of the worst.
--April 20th-ish, 1945.

Steadier Footing*
--Austria, Hungary.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--PG-13.  Drama, romance.
--1989, and the borders open.
--August 19th, 1989.

The King and I
--America, Hungary.  (America/Hungary.)
--PG.  General?
--In 2011, Elvis Presley was posthumously made an honorary citizen of Budapest.  And it wasn't because of his music.

This Is the Way the World Ends*
--Austria, Prussia, bits of the Allies.  (Implied Austria/Hungary.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--The Great War draws to a close.  Austria learns that there are some things he simply cannot take in stride.  (Or, the beginning of smoker!Austria.)
--1918, 1919.
Translations:  Chinese, by the group APHSuez.

Tied In (Austrian) Knots
--Hungary, Austria.  (Slight Austria/Hungary.)
--PG.  General?
--There she was, dressed up in her hussar uniform, standing in the middle of his office, while he circled her like some contemplative vulture.
--Sometime in the 1700s?

To Ride On
--Belarus, Austria.  (Austria/Belarus, implied Belarus->Russia and past Austria/Hungary.)
--Hard R.  Angst, drama, porn?
--In which sex turns into something more than sex, but distinctly less than love.  (Sequel to White Horses.)
Translations:  Chinese, by WagIzhen.  (Can also be found here, but due to the rating, you must be registered to view it.)

Too Hot To Handel
--Austria, Hungary, Germany.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--PG.  AU, humor, romance.
--The problem, Roderich decided, was not so much that she didn't know he existed, but that he kept acting  as if she didn't exist.  (Or, high-school junior Roderich Edelstein contemplates majoring in self-sabotage.)

--Hungary, France, Austria.  (France/Hungary, with past Austria/Hungary.)
--PG.  Angst, romance (I guess?)
--She had expected to run into France.  She hadn't relished the thought, but she had expected it.  Austria on the other hand...  (Just a little ficlet, inspired by a fanart.)

White Horses
--Belarus, Austria.  (Austria/Belarus, Belarus->Russia.)
--Hard R.  Angst, drama, porn.
--Centuries of unrequited love for a nation like Russia will do funny things to a girl.  (Or, Austria plays empire.)
Translations:  Chinese, by WagIzhen.  (Due to the rating, you must be registered to view it, but here's the general forum.)

Words For Thoughts
--Austria, Hungary.  (Austria/Hungary.)
--PG.  Romance, humor.
--Only Austria would still manage to use precise speech when drunk.
Fanart:  lineart, by chaneljay.

Young Man, I Do Believe You're Dying
--Austria, Hungary, Turkey.  (A twisted Austria/Hungary, in that it's really more like a twisted Austria/Hungary/Turkey.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst, romance.
--In which Ottoman!Hungary becomes Habsburg!Hungary, Austria becomes something of a possessive creeper, and Turkey is a surprisingly good judge of character.
Translations:  Chinese, by the group APHSuez.  (Group can be contacted through this account, and the translation can also be found here, here, here, here, and here.  Whew!  ^_~)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men
--Ishara Yar, Ard'rian McKenzie, Lore.
--PG-13.  AU, drama, general.
--Ishara Yar and Ard'rian McKenzie try to put an android back together again.  (Mirror Universe AU.  Related to Façades, but can stand alone.)

Built Upon Sand
--Ishara Yar, Lore.  (Lore/Ishara.)
--PG-13.  Drama, general, angst.
--Because sometimes someone can be so bad for you that they're just good enough.  Ishara, Lore, and the damage between.
Fanart:  drawings, by frankenboltdrawing, by brokenheartedfestivities.

--Ishara Yar, Lore.  (Lore/Ishara.)
--R.  Angst, drama.
--In which Lore and Ishara have a Bad Romance.  (Sequel to Built Upon Sand.)
Fanart:  lineart (NSFW), by brokenheartedfestivities.

Façades: A Mirror Universe Story
--Tasha Yar, Data, cast.  (Data/Tasha)
--PG-13.  AU, drama, adventure.
--In this universe, the Terran Empire didn't fall. A tale revolving around the ISS Enterprise, with Tasha Yar still alive, Data as this century's Casanova, Worf playing for the wrong side, and a one-eyed Wesley Crusher.  (Rewrite of this fic, by Pseudo Posthuman.)

Go Ahead, Make My Latte
--Ishara Yar, Lore.
--PG-13.  AU, drama, humor.
--Coffee shop AU.  Ishara the bitchy barista gets held up by Lore the petty criminal.  What is this I don't even.

--Deanna Troi, Lore.  (A dark sort of Lore/Troi.)
--PG-13.  Drama, angst.
--Was it only because she was used to Data, that she wasn't put off by his inorganic nature?  Or was it perhaps because of his inhuman qualities, because his mannerisms and speech were so formal as to render him more machine than man?  ("Descent"-fic.)

A Tale of Two Cities

A Fine and Private Place
--Carton, the seamstress.  (Essentially a Carton/Seamstress.)
--PG.  Drama, tragedy.
--On the way to the guillotine, Carton reflects on his relationships with the fairer sex.


Final Fantasy's Seven Endless Movements  (FFVII / The Sandman)
--Yuffie, Cid, Aeris, Tifa, Cloud, Barret, Vincent, the Endless.
--PG to PG-13.  Drama, general, experimental.
--Experimental drabble collection, pairing (in the non-romantic sense) each of the Endless with a FFVII character.

Till We Become Accustomed To the Dark  (Hetalia / FFVII)
--Tifa, Austria.  (Austria/Tifa.  Implied Austria/Hungary and Cloud/Tifa.)
--PG-13.  Crack, drama, angst.
--Misery loves company.  Post-WWI Austria and post-Meteor Tifa drown their sorrows.


Other things that aren't fics:

(Many of the image links are broken, and I do apologize for that.  I just haven't had time to fix them yet.  T_T)


Lulu (Portrait)
--Final Fantasy X

AustriaxBelarus stick figure spam

Austria stick figure spam
--Hetalia (with an Escaflowne cameo)

Hungary (doodle portrait)

Escaflowne stick figure spam (part 1, part 2, part 3)
--Escaflowne (with a FFVII cameo in part 1, and a Hetalia cameo in part 3)

Folken hand study


All These Things That I've Done:  A Folken Fanel FST

Dissolved Girl:  A Belarus FST

Falling:  An Austria/Hungary FST

GAEA'S BIG-ASS DANCE PARTY:  An Escaflowne Fanmix

Instability:  A Vincent Valentine FST
--Final Fantasy VII

PRUSSIA'S MEGAMIX VOL. 1:  You're So Vain AWESOME (or, Yes, I DO Think These Songs Are About Me)

Soft Mistakes:  A Lucrecia FST
--Final Fantasy VII

Something About Us:  A Folken/Eries EP

The Edelweiss Arc: A Soundtrack


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