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Been meaning to compile this for a while, and I finally decided to get around to it.  (Mostly one-shots and gen-fics, but not entirely.)

Recs under the cut, in no particular order. )

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Because I did one(s) for Star Trek, so I figured I might as well do one for Valkyrie Profile.  All one-shots.

Not very many under here, but whatevs. )
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Just a list of Trek fics I've found about the web (and enjoyed enough to want to list somewhere, altogether, for convenience and whatnot).  May be added to in the future, we'll see.  There's a lot of Data, because I like Data.  (Note, I've already made a list of Lore fics, which can be found here.)

Recs under the cut. )
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I've gotten back into Star Trek (primarily TNG and DS9) over the past few months, and since Lore is one of my favorite characters, and fics focused on him are rather scarce (and Star Trek fic in general is scattered about the web more than most fandoms), I figured I'd compile a list of my favorites.  Mostly it's for my own convenience, but, yanno, I thought I'd share.  (All except one are one-shots, and all qualify as gen.)

Recs under the cut. )
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First fic rec.  Technically a Real Person Fic, and I can't believe it's a RPF, because normally RPF squicks me out on premise alone.  But OH GOD, sometimes it can be done so, so right.  Really, this reads more like an original piece.  I was floored by it.  I am floored by it, still.  It's aching and heartbreaking and beautiful and brilliant.

It isn't rated, but I'm saying PG-15.  Maybe even R.  It's not graphic or anything, but it's heavy.  2,800 words.

It's 2004 and you are standing on a bluff.  You are half a mile north of Las Tunas.  You might as well be halfway around the world.


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