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Since this journal is primarily for fanfic, here's a nice, easy, alphabetical list of all the fics I've written.  (Note that anything written before August of '09 was originally posted on ff.net, where I used to go by the name Sztorm.  I have since cross-posted those fics, under their original publish dates.)

Fandoms included below are:

-Catherine and the Pirate (1)
-Darker Than Black  (1)
-Escaflowne  (13)
-Final Fantasy VII  (14)
-Final Fantasy X  (1)
-Frozen  (1)
-Hetalia  (33)
-Star Trek: The Next Generation  (6)
-A Tale of Two Cities  (1)

-FFVII / The Sandman  (1)
-Hetalia / FFVII  (1)

Various ficbits (random scenes, drabbles, etc.) can be found here.  The few other fan-related things I've made (FSTs, fanart, etc.) can be found at the very bottom of this post.

Fic Master List )

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Title: The Robin, and I, and the Sweet Cherry-Tree
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Drama, friendship, romance?
Characters/pairings: Slight Gaddes/Eries, past Folken/Eries.
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,193
Summary: The story of how Gaddes totally hung out and drank ale with the Ice Princess of Asturia. (Based on a tumblr prompt, and probably more serious than this summary makes it out to be.)

Did Princess Eries even like ale? Probably not. But then again, who knew? Eries Aston might very well be full of surprises. She was, at the very least, full of secrets. It had been his accidental witnessing of one of them that had landed him in this predicament in the first place, after all. )
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Title: The Falling Leaves
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: AU, drama, romance.
Characters/pairings: Slight Folken/Eries.
Rating: PG
Word count: 573
Summary: Eries visits Fanelia post-war. (AU where Folken doesn't die, in case that wasn't obvious. Based on a tumblr prompt.)

''You forget, Lord Folken; I'm used to the capitol. One has to travel all the way to the outskirts of Palas before you see any true foliage, and even then, I daresay Asturia's country-sides don't hold a candle to Fanelia's forests. Not at this time of year, at least.'' )
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Title: I've Seen You In a Fight (You Lost)
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Drama, angst.
Characters/pairings: A dark sort of Folken/Eries.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,250
Summary: AU take on Your Words All Over Me, supposing that Folken really does drag Eries closer.
Warnings: Make-outs of dubious (if not outright nonexistent) consent.

This fic literally picks up in the middle of the original fic, so if you aren't familiar with Your Words All Over Me, you will be lost.

It would be so easy, just a little tug and she would come tumbling into his arms... )
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Title: Foil
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Drama, general, friendship?
Characters: Celena, Gaddes.
Rating: PG
Word count: 636
Summary: Post-series. A short, mild Gaddes/Celena, based on a tumblr prompt. (The idea was that someone sent you a pairing and one sentence, and then you wrote the next five only I went way, way, way over that, oops.)

The original prompt, for the curious was: "Celena/Gadess: It was their secret, something her brother couldn't approve (in fact, they spare with their swords)."

''Allen would kill me if he knew I was doin' this with you, I hope you appreciate that.'' )
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Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Drama, general?
Characters: Folken, Eries.
Rating: PG-13, for implied blood and injury.
Word count: 326
Summary: Based on a tumblr prompt: "[FolkenxEries] She was the last person he had expected and yet, once the initial shock had worn off, he felt immensely relieved that she was the first to find him alive." (The idea was that someone sent you a pairing and one sentence, and then you wrote the next five only I went way over that, oops.)

''Oh, gods,'' she said, her normally placid features overcome with alarm. )
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Been meaning to compile this for a while, and I finally decided to get around to it.  (Mostly one-shots and gen-fics, but not entirely.)

Recs under the cut, in no particular order. )

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Fandom:  Escaflowne
Characters:  Folken Fanel
Rating:  G

Moar genuine fanart! )

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Fandom:  Escaflowne (with a Hetalia cameo)
Characters/pairings:  FolkenxEries, with some Millerna, and a cameo by Austria from Hetalia.
Rating:  PG?

Again, originally posted to my tumblr.  Collected here for convenience and archival purposes.

And yet MOAR stick figures. )

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Title: But the Rain
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Drama, angst.
Characters: Zongi, Folken.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,007
Summary: In which Folken takes a bath, Zongi fanboys, and the whole thing is quite a bit more somber and depressing than this summary probably makes it out to be. (By no means a Folken/Zongi fic, but could be read as something of a Zongi->Folken fic. What can I say? When Zongi fanboys, he fanboys hard.)

Takes place sometime before the beginning of the series, but as far as when, specifically, well, your guess is as good as mine.

He is always struck by the beauty of Lord Folken's body. )
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Title: Your Words All Over Me
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Drama, angst.
Characters/pairings: Something of a mild Folken/Eries.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3,624
Summary: While biding his time in Palas following the destruction of Fort Castelo, Folken is confronted by Princess Eries. (Companion piece to Till I Wake Your Ghost, in that it's the same events, just from Folken's POV.)

Dedicated to pethics/Casa Circe, who kept requesting something from Folken's POV, until the fic-writing part of my brain could no longer resist.

As was the case with Till I Wake Your Ghost, this takes place right around episode 6.

Her jaw tightened, and her gaze turned hard and dark as sapphires, and humiliated color even rose high in her cheeks. And then she tried to slap him. Interesting. )
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Fandom:  Escaflowne
Characters:  Hitomi, Van, Allen, Millerna, Folken, Dilandau, Dryden, Merle, with bonus Dornkirk
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  Just what it says on the tin.  Seriousness not included.
Notes:  Total run time:  34:29.  All tracks in .mp3 format.

EDIT:  No longer available for download.  However, if you're particularly interested, let me know, and I'll fix that for you.  ^^

So retro it hurts. )
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Title: Scientific Methods
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Meta, crack, humor, romance.
Characters/pairings: Folken/Eries.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,222
Summary: Merle writes Folken/Eries RPF. Which Folken and Eries then find. Awkwardness and previously non-existent sexual tension ensue. What is this I don't even.

In case it wasn't obvious, this takes place near the end of the series, after Folken defects.

''And to think, she used to be such an innocent kitten.'' )
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Or, why I reject the idea that the reason Eries hasn’t married is because she’s in love with Allen, and then lay down my own personal theory behind her apparent devotion to singledom.

Head-canon ahoy. )
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Title: The Blaze Across My Nightgown
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Angst, romance.
Characters/pairings: Folken/Eries.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 5,302
Summary: Her pulse was pounding in her veins like rain, like thunder, like something dark and primitive and reckless. (Driving Circles Around Me, Part 4.)

Takes place towards the end of the series, after Folken defects.

Wait. Was that…was she hearing…whistling? )
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Title:  Something About Us
Fandom:  Escaflowne
Characters/pairings:  Folken/Eries
Rating:  PG-ish?
Summary:  A Folken/Eries EP.  (Could be considered something of a soundtrack to the Driving Circles Around Me Arc, but wasn't exactly intended as such.)
Notes:  Total run time: 17:48.  All tracks in .mp3 format.

EDIT:  No longer available for download.  However, if you're particularly interested, let me know, and I'll fix that for you.  ^^

The cover could have been better, in my opinion, but oh well! )
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A while ago I was going to lay out my Eries head-canon, except to do that I needed to lay out some more general Aston sister head-canon, and in the process of doing that, I got tripped up on the Marlene issue: Specifically, if she was heir, why was she married off to Freid? Wouldn’t it make more sense for her to marry an Asturian citizen (much like Millerna eventually ends up doing with Dryden), and thus, keep her in the country?

And this is where I get all talky about succession and royal politics in general. )

tl;dr: My head-canon states that Marlene was heir, and Aston married her off to Mahad to form/strengthen an alliance, with the intention that Asturia and Freid would formally unify upon Aston’s death. Except Marlene died first, so that part of the agreement was nulled and voided.
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Fandom:  Escaflowne
Characters/pairings:  Van, Allen, Dryden, Folken, Eries (with a touch of Folken/Eries).
Rating:  PG

Again, originally posted to tumblr, collected here for convenience (and archival purposes?).

Now with 20% more bishie sparkles! )
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Title:  All These Things That I've Done
Fandom:  Escaflowne
Characters:  Folken
Rating:  PG-13?
Summary:  A Folken Fanel FST, simple as that.
Notes:  Total run time:  1:08:13.  All tracks in .mp3 format.

EDIT:  No longer available for download.  However, if particularly interested, let me know, and I'll fix that for you.  :)

I guess this kind of follows something of a narrative. Kind of. )
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Title: Our Roads To Run About
Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Drama, general.
Characters: Eries, Dryden, major mentions of Folken.
Rating: PG
Word count: 1,260
Summary: After Folken comes to request asylum, Eries and Dryden have a brief discussion about the matter, and the man himself. (Takes place within the events of If I Walk Down This Hallway.)

''Pardon me if this counts as prying, but am I correct in assuming you have some prior acquaintance with the gentleman?'' )


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