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Title: Tied In (Austrian) Knots
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: General? Humor? Romance?
Characters/pairings: Austria/Hungary, AusHun.
Rating: PG
Word count: 543
Summary: There she was, dressed up in her hussar uniform, standing in the middle of his office, while he circled her like some contemplative vulture. (Based on yet another tumblr prompt.)
Period: Sometime in the 1700s?

''Hmm… Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm.'' )
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Title: It's a Bittersweet Timpani
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Humor, romance.
Characters/pairings: Austria/Hungary (AusHun).
Rating: PG
Word count: 384
Summary: Hungary plays the timpani for Austria, and shenanigans ensue. (Based on a tumblr prompt.)
Period: Modern.

''Did you honestly just play 'Rock Me Amadeus' on the timpani?'' )
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Fandom: Escaflowne
Genre: Drama, general?
Characters: Folken, Eries.
Rating: PG-13, for implied blood and injury.
Word count: 326
Summary: Based on a tumblr prompt: "[FolkenxEries] She was the last person he had expected and yet, once the initial shock had worn off, he felt immensely relieved that she was the first to find him alive." (The idea was that someone sent you a pairing and one sentence, and then you wrote the next five only I went way over that, oops.)

''Oh, gods,'' she said, her normally placid features overcome with alarm. )
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Because yeah, I'm actually doing this, so why not share part of it.

Fandom: Catherine and the Pirate (I guess this is technically fanfic?)
Characters: Catherine Markham, Derrick St. John.
Rating: PG?
Word count: 1,647
Summary: Catherine and Derrick have dinner in his swagtastic cabin.

(For those who don't know and are curious, the basic premise of the book is: Heroine is seventeen-year-old heiress/socialite type in Revolution-era Boston, whose older brother gets kidnapped and held for ransom. In an effort to rescue him, heroine teams up with hero, who is brother's BFF, the captain of a commercial ship, and a former pirate. Hero is also on a separate quest to clear his late dad's name of treason.)

I couldn't crowbar a dance scene into this book, so I crowbarred a dinner scene in instead. )
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Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Characters: Ishara Yar, Ard'rian McKenzie (and technically Lore?)
Word count: 438
Summary: What it says on the tin. An alternate scene from my Mirror Universe one-shot All the King's Horses and All the King's Men. I ended up not going with it (because I preferred the idea that Mirror!Ishara is ridiculously, stupidly optimistic, hah), but still, it was a pretty neat scene that I ended up holding onto. And since it was, like, 97% coherent, and I'm currently engulfed in some Lore/Ishara feels (and am trying to get back into writing), I figured what the hell—might as well polish it up and share it.

Ard'rian peered at her a little cautiously. ''You okay, Shar?'' )
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Characters/pairings: AustriaxHungary
Genre: Romance, AU.
Rating: PG
Word count: 122
Summary: Drabble-ish thing from a tumblr prompt. (It was supposed to be three sentences long, but it ended up being five, oops.) Prompt was for AustriaxHungary, International Space Station AU.

Making out--for SCIENCE! )
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Characters: Austria, Prussia, and a Germany cameo.
Word count: ~700
Summary: Austria and Prussia have awkward bonding about their love lives, and their respective relationships to Hungary. And then they bitch about cigarettes. Because God forbid anyone ever see them being anything but hostile to each other. XD
Period: 1938.

I mentioned in the author's notes for Mood Indigo that it ended up going through a major rewrite. Well, in the process of that rewrite, the original ending had to pretty much get cut, because it no longer matched the style or direction the fic had taken. Which saddened me, because I did really like what went on in it. Seems doubtful I could work it into another fic altogether (though one never knows), so I've decided to post it as a one-off scene for now.

Posted for [livejournal.com profile] osprey_archer, since she was the one who expressed interest. (Subtle shades of love, FTW!)

''Whatever. Girls are lame. Relationships are for the weak.'' )
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I recently started reading through some old FFVII writings, and while a lot of it is cringe-inducing in its bloatedness (this was before I became the editing whore I currently am), some parts were actually kind of nice, and as this is a writing journal, I figured why the hell not post some passages. (I suspect they'll never see the light of day otherwise, considering they're from abandoned WIPs I don't much like the premises of anymore.) So here are three angsty, drabbly things that I mostly just like for the language and imagery.

Ghosts. )

Precious little dirty things. )

He dreamt. )
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