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List of fics:

It’s a Bittersweet Timpani  (Hetalia; 384 words)
Beauty and the Beach  (Hetalia; 767 words)
Too Hot To Handel  (Hetalia; 1,001 words)
Tied In (Austrian) Knots  (Hetalia; 543 words)
Ah-choo, I Love You  (Hetalia; 512 words)
The Falling Leaves  (Escaflowne; 573 words)

Even later than last year, but here we go! )
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Via osprey_archerWhen you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.  (I always like these, and haven't done one in a while, so.)


He'd grown since she'd last seen him, to the point that he now stood eye level with her.  A part of her had to wonder if he might even reach the towering heights his brother had.  It seemed unlikely, but Eries admitted that stranger things had been known to happen.


In the evening, she pulls out his coat, and tries to drag some of his scent from the pockets and seams.  But Frank didn't wear cologne, didn't smoke, and his coat doesn't smell much like anything—not even old blood, which, for a morbid moment, she expects.

Ghosts, they spoke of, that Christmas morning, and he has disappeared so suddenly and so thoroughly from her life, a part of Kate has to wonder if he was ever really there in the first place.


"You can't do that, you know," she says—'chastises' is perhaps more like it.  "You can't kiss a girl like that and then just leave."  Her eyes drop to his mouth, very briefly, her cheeks maybe turn a little pinker, and she demands, "And just where did you learn to kiss like that in the first place?"
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So lately an older(ish?) Hetalia fic of mine, But That Was In Another Country, has been getting a bit of attention.  Two people asked if they could translate it (both into Chinese; the first can be found here, and the second here, respectively), and it's shown up on at least a couple rec posts on tumblr.  Which is awesome!  It is super-flattering and basically makes me all squishy and blushy.

But it kind of throws me when it gets recced as a PrussiaxHungary fic.  Just a little.  And maybe it shouldn't, because it does have some PruHun action in there, but...like...it's really quick, and only at the very end, and it's really more of a plain ol' Prussia-centric fic than a true pairing fic?  To me, at least?

But then again, what the hell do I know?  I'm just the writer.  And that PruHun bit sort of jumped out of nowhere in the first place, so who knows?  Maybe it is more of a pairing fic than I give it credit for.  XP

Moar fic rambles. )
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What is this I don't even.

EDIT:  Again, why must you guys be so porny?  YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE SO PORNY THIS TIME AROUND.  DX

Fic Rambles

Jun. 1st, 2011 09:26 pm
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or, I Want To Post a Fic But Can't Because It/They Are Not Complete So I'll Post *About* Them Instead )

tl;dr: Edelweiss Arc not dead, will be finished I promise, but unfortunately can't promise when; other Austria/Hungary fic might just yet see the light of the internet one of these days; Edelweiss Arc FST, Y/N?

This post might have been just one big excuse to use my newest icon.
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I recently started reading through some old FFVII writings, and while a lot of it is cringe-inducing in its bloatedness (this was before I became the editing whore I currently am), some parts were actually kind of nice, and as this is a writing journal, I figured why the hell not post some passages. (I suspect they'll never see the light of day otherwise, considering they're from abandoned WIPs I don't much like the premises of anymore.) So here are three angsty, drabbly things that I mostly just like for the language and imagery.

Ghosts. )

Precious little dirty things. )

He dreamt. )
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Happy new year and all that jazz!

Did it last year; figured I might as well do it this year. )
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The Gender Genie

Ran across this last night.  Reminds me of that text analyzer that told you what famous author you wrote most similarly to.  Except maybe a bit more reliable?  It only counts the number of particular words used, so there's bound to be some not-quite-right analyzation.  (For instance, "said" is one of the so-called masculine words.  But as I often write in present-tense, "said" rarely shows up; it's always "says," which the analyzer doesn't pick up on.)

Still, it might just be coincidence, but I found it interesting that most of the time when I'm writing from a male character's perspective, it reads as being written by a male--or at least a happy, androgynous medium.  Maybe I have a decent male voice, after all?
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Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick).  No context, no explanations, no more than one sentence!

I did this meme once before, and it was interesting to see how many of those lines actually ended up changed/removed from the final, posted versions.  So there's a bit of that contributing to my doing it again.  But mostly, I'm simply bored and I want an easy meme.

memememememe )
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I've thought about dabbling in original fiction for a while now.  Something like a couple years, though the idea has since gained steamed in the past few months.  Only problem was, I had no idea where to start.  Like, with original fiction, you basically have a completely blank slate to work with.  Some people (most pro writers, I imagine) love that and obviously thrive on it, but it always kind of freaked me out.  I had the same problem back in college--some art instructors would simply say, "Draw!" with no set parameters, and I'd be there, stumped, going, "Well, shit," for more than a while before I finally managed to scrape something together.  I was always much more successful when told, "You have to draw this," or, "You have to use this technique," etc.

(Which I imagine is why I'm so fond of fanfiction, and have carved out a little niche for myself in it.  I like the confines of canon.  I like having to make something fit.  It's challenging, and makes me feel accomplished in knowing that I didn't make a character OOC or the like.)

Well, anyway, long story short, an idea for an original piece finally struck.  Who knows how good it'll be or if I'll ever try to, like, get published or something, but it's exciting, in its own way.  Kind of like when I realized my fanfiction writing had moved from "stuff I'm utterly embarrassed about and wouldn't dream of putting online" to "stuff that doesn't contain Mary-Sue self-inserts and might actually be enjoyed by other people."  XD
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Rambly, possibly boring exposition about how I'm trying to find a good romance novel, failing, and learning something about myself in the process. So if you're curious, you can click on this cut, otherwise onto the question! )

So, maybe all that wasn't as cohesive or concise as it could have been, but I've wasted enough time on this already today.  ^^'  My question is, do you have a preference for third- or first-person point-of-view?  If so (or not), why is that?  Just what exactly about them do you prefer?  And does this preference vary depending on whether you're reading or writing?  I'm sure there are other reasons beyond my personal ones (and no doubt my personal reasons at this moment are tainted by amateur-ish romance novels), so I'm curious.
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Against my will, it seems my Austria is getting more like my Vincent every day.  Now he's having creepy-obsessive thoughts about Hungary.  Granted, it's more like a one-time deal, and he gets better, so I'm still more apt to call it love with a sprinkling of obsession, rather than obsession with a sprinkling of...whatever it was Vincent put on top.

Sexual frustration is a bitch.  Austria, if you weren't such a gentleman, you wouldn't have this problem.  Maybe you should go slut yourself out, just for a release, you know?

...Man, that's a hot thought.  No wonder Hungary can't manage to leave him, even though he's bad for her.

He's also a sneaky, manipulative son of a bitch, and a total pencil-neck priss besides, so maybe he's got some Hojo in him, as well.

(I swear.  Sometimes I think the only thing that keeps me going with this complicated fuck-all of a romance is my head-canon where they actually develop a healthy relationship post-Iron Curtain--one thing my Vincent can't exactly claim with Lucrecia.  And one thing I haven't yet written, because who wants to write about healthy relationships?  They're boring.  Nice, normal lives don't make for good stories.)


Seriously.  Poland is, like, rival-Prussia awesome.  And I want to marry Spain and have Liechtenstein as a friend, but that's beside the point.

I'm a big fan of M*A*S*H, and I admittedly infused a little bit of Max Klinger into my Poland (novelty cross-dressing turns into an actual coping mechanism), but it wasn't until today that I got the AMAZING idea of a scenario where they meet up and trade fashion secrets.  As I refuse to touch the M*A*S*H fandom, and don't have any particular desire to start writing fics for it (I don't feel I have anything to add), I'm quite content to just let this be a happy plot-bunny in my head.

But if someone did happen to write that scenario, I'd owe them a fic of awesome on mere principle.

Which I shouldn't say, because then that very fic will fall into my lap tomorrow, and I'll be obligated to write a corresponding gift fic, and with my luck, my mind will be completely BLANK.

And I have enough RL things I need to concentrate on right now, anyway.  I shouldn't even be writing Klinger!Poland and Vincent!Austria as it is.  I should be taking a shower and going to bed.

And...on that note, I think I'm done with this post.  XD


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