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Title: White Horses
Fandom: Hetalia
Genre: Angst, drama, porn.
Characters/pairings: AustriaxBelarus. (And Belarus->Russia.)
Rating: Hard R
Word count: 5,200 WTF. How did the porny fic get so long?
Summary: Centuries of unrequited love for a nation like Russia will do funny things to a girl. (Now has a sequel!)
Period: Modern.
Warnings: Major BDSM themes.

This fic has a crack pairing, dominant!Austria, knife-play, piano bondage, lingerie, and still somehow manages to have a plot. You know you’re curious. )
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First fic rec.  Technically a Real Person Fic, and I can't believe it's a RPF, because normally RPF squicks me out on premise alone.  But OH GOD, sometimes it can be done so, so right.  Really, this reads more like an original piece.  I was floored by it.  I am floored by it, still.  It's aching and heartbreaking and beautiful and brilliant.

It isn't rated, but I'm saying PG-15.  Maybe even R.  It's not graphic or anything, but it's heavy.  2,800 words.

It's 2004 and you are standing on a bluff.  You are half a mile north of Las Tunas.  You might as well be halfway around the world.
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(Zomg, my first meme!)

"Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!"

1.  It was also times like these she wished she still slept with a frying pan under her pillow.

2.  (Manipulative and a bit underhanded, perhaps, but all was fair in love and war, or so the English said.)

3.  Vivaldi's "Summer" concerto filled the afternoon, the third movement ringing fitfully throughout the house.

4.  He wants to tell the man to piss off with his mystical fortune-telling bullshit, but worries there might be some truth to it.

5.  In that moment, if he could remember his real name, he thinks he would ask her to call him by it, just once.

6.  "I've such a headache," she whispered matter-of-factly, staring distantly toward the sand-dusted floor beneath her, eyes wide and seeing nothing.

7.  "You can think what you want, so long as you don't throw up on my boots."

8.  Dreams and death parading as life, and they're lies and liars, all of them.

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Title:  Soft Mistakes
Fandom:  Final Fantasy VII (OGC)
Characters:  Lucrecia
Rating:  PG (I guess?  Maybe PG-13?  There's no swearing or anything, but things aren't exactly sunshine and honey.)
Notes:  7 tracks, one in .wma, one in .m4a, and the rest in .mp3.  Total run time: 28:00.

The zip file and all that good stuff. )

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Wow.  I actually did it.  My first real piece of fanart.  I'm certainly pleased with it, what with the whole haven't-drawn-in-three-years thing.  I even went crazy and did it in colored pencils, which I haven't used in about four.  (And ohh...skin color is a bitch to get correct.)  It was fun, though.  Apparently just what I needed.  Nothing fancy, really, but my style sort of took over.

There's a Lulu ahoy! )


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